How are transportation issues handled in North Carolina?

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is the governing state agency for transportation decisions involving public roadways. But they are not the only ones that have influence on transportation decisions. Other entities involved in our area are:

  • Henderson County Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)
    • Advises the Board of Commissioners and the FBRMPO on matters related to transportation in Henderson County

    • Promotes intergovernmental cooperation on transportation issues

    • Assesses the transportation needs of the County and suggests methods to address these issues

    • Works with the FBRMPO and the NCDOT on projects including long-range transportation planning, major and minor street/road improvement projects, road and bridge safety, public transportation, and other alternative forms of transportation

  • French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (FBRMPO)
    • Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC)
      • Made up of staff representatives from the 21 local governments, staff from the NCDOT, and representatives of other local transportation and planning agencies
      • Does not take final action
      • Makes recommendations to the Board
    • Board (formerly the Transportation Advisory Committee) 
      • Made up of elected officials from each of the 21 local governments, and representatives from the NCDOT Board of Transportation
      • Responsible for final approval of the Long Range Transportation Plan, the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program, the Priority Needs List, and the Unified Planning Work Program
      • Serves as a forum for public input
    • The structure of the MPO is formalized in a Memorandum of Understanding, signed by each of the MPO’s 21 member governments, the NCDOT, and Land-of-Sky Regional Council, which serves as the lead planning agency for the MPO.

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