Ch-ch-changes (part 1 of 9)

The N. Highland Lake Road project (NCDOT U-5887) touches three different jurisdictions:

  • City of Hendersonville
  • Henderson County
  • Village of Flat Rock

From Spartanburg Highway (U.S. 176) going west, the road runs through Hendersonville (CVS, Ingles, Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital) and Henderson County (Meadow Garden Apartments, Pro-Scape, Dale’s Automotive), although the vast majority of N. Highland Lake Road is in the Village of Flat Rock.

With completion of the Upward Road project several years ago, some lane additions were made to the road, widening it to two lanes from Spartanburg Highway to the CVS parking entrance and including two left-turn lanes into the Ingles parking lot.

This post is the first of nine to look at how the current plans for N. Highland Lake Road will affect those properties along the road, starting at Spartanburg Highway moving west. Read part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6part 7part 8, and part 9.

Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital

Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital: A 24-hour veterinary emergency, critical care, and routine facility, currently with 49 full-time staff members. They have recently expanded both their building and parking areas. 

Effect of proposed changes would:

  • Remove frontage landscaping.
  • Build a retaining wall into the parking area, changing the gentle slope from the road to the parking area into a drop.
  • Require the expense of moving the vet’s sewer lift pump station, their sign, and gas and electric systems.
  • Make at least seven of 15 new parking spaces unusable. Less than two years ago, WCRAH put in these additional spaces with a capital outlay of $60,000 (layout of the property does not allow more).
  • Remove the ability to get from one entrance of the parking lot to the other.
  • Cause the emergency pull-through to be difficult to maneuver.

Pro-Scape, Inc.: A landscapes/irrigation/lawn care contractor serving western North Carolina. Their location on N. Highland Lake Road is a storage area for mulch and other landscape products.

Effect of proposed changes would:

  • Reduce available property for storage.
  • Build a retaining wall that would change their entrance.

On the map above:

  • Grey: existing roadway
  • Orange: existing roadway to be resurfaced
  • Yellow: proposed new roadway
  • Thick red line to the north of the road: multi-use path
  • Thin red line: curb and gutter
  • Light green: proposed new NCDOT right-of-way
  • Light green area with diagonal lines: proposed new NCDOT easement for drainage, construction, and utility systems
  • Dark green: existing right-of-way

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