Ch-ch-changes (part 3 of 9)

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Part 3 looks at the impact of the N. Highland Lake Road project (NCDOT U-5887) on the north side of the road covering a section of The Park at Flat Rock and a wetland area, and on the south side (in Henderson County until Highland Park Road where the village boundary starts) with several private properties.

On the map above:

  • Grey: existing roadway
  • Orange: existing roadway to be resurfaced
  • Yellow: proposed new roadway
  • Thick red line and teardrop in the road: two added concrete medians with left-turn lanes
  • Thick red line to the north of the road: multi-use path
  • Thin red line: curb and gutter
  • Light green: proposed new NCDOT right-of-way
  • Light green area with diagonal lines: proposed new NCDOT easement for drainage, construction, and utility systems

Just a reminder that this map shows the historic district line incorrectly–the line actually goes down the middle of the road (NCDOT has been presented with the correct historic district boundary for Flat Rock’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places).

The Park at Flat Rock: Opened to the public in December 2013, The Park at Flat Rock is a former golf course developed into a natural space for all to enjoy with free play, unstructured recreation, reflection, meditation, and contemplation.


Effect of proposed changes would:

  • Take park property with the widening of the road, especially on the curve at Highland Park Road and Highland Lake Drive.
  • Increase the road width at the curve from 22-feet wide to around 70-feet wide into the park as the curve is dampened and the road widened to accommodate space for the medians.
  • Cut down trees along N. Highland Lake Road, removing a natural barrier between the road and the park.
  • Negatively impact one of the gateways into the village. Preserving this gateway is one of the reasons the village purchased the golf course and created a park.
  • Increase speed of cars along the south side of the park with the dampened curve, added medians, and widened lanes.
  • Potentially impact the wetland area. 

Single Family Homes: Several properties would be affected. The one most affected on this section of the road is the home on the southwest corner of N. Highland Lake Road and Highland Lake Drive. 


Effect of proposed changes would:

  • Possibly impact the historic stone wall facing the road, built in 1913 by Col. John Charles Woodward when he built the house as a summer residence.
  • Extend the NCDOT easement for drainage, construction, and utilities farther into the property.
  • Create unattractive road elements with the addition of two concrete medians, which collect debris and can crack and fracture over time.

Reminder: This project was not initiated by NCDOT and the Flat Rock village council has the power to cancel the project.

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