Ch-ch-changes (part 6 of 9)

The N. Highland Lake Road project (STIP project no. U-5887) was not initiated by NCDOT and the Flat Rock village council has the power to stop it.

Part 6 looks at the impact of the project on another historic private property on the south side of the road, which also faces Greenville Highway.

Elliott Place, c. 1877: Elliott Place, also known as Vincennes and often call the prettiest house in the village, was built by Col. William Elliott, a U.S. senator from Beaufort, SC, near the site of his father’s former summer house. In 1978, then owner William Hartman donated a preservation agreement to Historic Flat Rock, Inc., with a life estate in place for his wife, Virginia. When Mrs. Hartman died, the agreement went into effect on the house, guest house, and beautiful property, which reaches to Highland Lake. The property sits high on a hill off Greenville Highway with a commanding view of the lake at the end of a long, sloping lawn and includes a guesthouse, tennis court, and gardens.


Effect of proposed changes would:

  • Widen intersection of N. Highland Lake Road and Greenville Highway from approx. 100 feet wide to approx. 200 feet wide.
  • Require grading of corner slope, impacting historic property.
  • Increase the footprint of NCDOT right-of-way and easement into the historic property.

On the map above:

  • Grey: existing roadway
  • Orange: existing roadway to be resurfaced
  • Yellow: proposed new roadway
  • Thick red line to the north of the road: multi-use path
  • Thin red line: curb and gutter
  • Light green: proposed new NCDOT right-of-way
  • Light green area with diagonal lines: proposed new NCDOT easement for drainage, construction, and utility systems
  • Dark green: existing right-of-way

This map shows the historic district line incorrectly–the line actually goes down the middle of the road (NCDOT has been presented with the correct historic district boundary for Flat Rock’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places).

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2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes (part 6 of 9)

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  1. If this Council allows that project to be built, I will be sure to make certain that THEY GET ALL THE CREDIT DUE! It will probably be known as UPWARD ROAD EXTENSION, but I will start a fundraiser for a plaque that has all the Councilmembers names who voted yes to be etched into Flat Rocks History.


  2. “Widen intersection of N. Highland Lake Road and Greenville Highway from approx. 100 feet wide to approx. 200 feet wide.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


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