Ch-ch-changes (part 8 of 9)

The N. Highland Lake Road project (NCDOT U-5887) was not initiated by NCDOT and the Flat Rock village council has the power to stop it.

Part 8 looks at the impact of this project on Pinecrest Presbyterian Church, ARP.

Pinecrest Presbyterian Church: Built around 1978, the church is in an area of the Village that was annexed at the request of Staton Woods homeowners, with the church agreeing to support that annexation effort. 


Effect of proposed changes would:

  • Potentially damage or make unusable the church’s septic tank and septic system. The tank and system are on the south side of the church, near N. Highland Lake Road, and cannot be relocated anywhere else on the property. If the septic system is damaged or compromised, or its location is needed for part of the road widening, the church would have to close.

  • Construct retaining walls along the church’s parking lot.
Pinecrest covered entrance
  • Impact the covered disabled entrance. With a number of elderly and disabled congregants, the church’s main entrance, which faces N. Highland Lake Road and is the closest part of the building to the road impact area, allows cars and the church bus to stop under the entry cover so that the elderly and disabled can exit safely.
  • Eliminate the turn radius cars and buses currently have to exit the covered driveway / entrance, making it unusable. This is also the only handicap accessible entrance to the church.
  • Require construction of a new entrance, walkway, and ramp to accommodate the disabled and elderly, eliminating additional parking spaces and involving considerable expense.
Trees buffering Pinecrest from traffic noise will be cut down 
  • Cut down a significant number of trees that currently help buffer the church from noise, affecting the quality of worship.
  • Lose four handicap parking spots and 27 regular parking spots.

  • Severely impact the church’s driveway entrance on N. Highland Lake Road.

On the map above:

  • Grey: existing roadway
  • Orange: existing roadway to be resurfaced
  • Yellow: proposed new roadway
  • Thick red line to the north of the road: multi-use path
  • Thin red line: curb and gutter
  • Light green: proposed new NCDOT right-of-way
  • Light green area with diagonal lines: proposed new NCDOT easement for drainage, construction, and utility systems

This map shows the historic district line incorrectly–the line actually goes down the middle of the road (NCDOT has been presented with the correct historic district boundary for Flat Rock’s designation on the National Register of Historic Places).

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  1. With all the negative impacts from this project that have already been identified, what will it take for members of the Village Council to say “enough”?!


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