Inconsistency #1: Either/or

[UPDATE: original title was Contradiction #1, but we think “Inconsistency” is a better word choice so the title was changed.]

Both of these statements are in the Flat Rock village council’s FAQ on the N. Highland Lake Road project:

  • “N. Highland Lake Road is a major connector road, which means it is a road that moves traffic from one area of high use to another area of high use.”
  • “This plan offers many benefits to the Village and will not spoil Flat Rock’s ‘Sense of Place.'”

Both statements cannot be true.

It’s not a benefit to the village to create a major connector road that has fast-moving cars and constant traffic. Making a gently winding, semi-rural road into a major connector that benefits primarily those outside of Flat Rock does spoil Flat Rock’s Sense of Place, because Flat Rock loses any distinction, any “specialness” from the rest of the area. The village becomes just another place to rush through to get to somewhere else.

One thought on “Inconsistency #1: Either/or

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  1. I certainly believe both statements could be true. I am betting that they meant that they believe the road IS a major connector road, not that it will BECOME a major connector road after any expansion was completed. I suspect that the fact that they believe it IS a major connector road is one of the reasons they believe the road needs these changes which they believe will offer many benefits to the Village. I hope to hear more clarifications from the Council like these FAQ answered that they are now publicly sharing.


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