Inconsistency #2: Road project footprint

How wide will the road be?

The Flat Rock village council FAQ on this question answers this by listing some but not all sections of the current plan without adding up for the reader the total overall project footprint. N. Highland Lake Road will grow from the current 22-foot wide roadbed to a minimum of almost 52 feet, including:

  • road widening: from 22 ft to 28 ft
  • curb & gutter on both sides of the road, as shown in current plan:  4 ft (2 ft each side)
  • buffer required on both sides of the road: 9 ft (4.5 ft each side)
  • multiuse path: 10.5 ft

The almost 52 feet figure does not include the new proposed right-of-way that NCDOT will require.

In areas of turn lanes, an additional 12 to 14 feet must be added, expanding the project footprint to 64 to 66 feet wide in those areas.


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