Inconsistency #4: Trusting NCDOT (part 2)

Is this the beginning of NCDOT’s plans to widen other roads in Flat Rock such as Greenville Highway and Little River Road?

The Flat Rock village council answered this question in part with this bullet item: “There are NO PLANS within a 10-year horizon to widen Little River Road, Rutledge Drive or Greenville Highway. Ten years is the longest time in the future that NCDOT considers new plans.”

As we mentioned in Inconsistency #3, we are looking at this particular FAQ over several posts. As we’ve seen with the Balfour Parkway resurrection, once a particular road is identified by NCDOT and the governing county or municipal body, that project seems to develop a life of its own and remains on a list somewhere in perpetuity–to be brought back to life at some later date.

Over the years, there have been plans to widen numerous roads in the village, including Rutledge Drive (SR 1166), Little River Road (SR 1123), West Blue Ridge (SR 1812), Kanuga Road (SR 1127), and Greenville Highway (NC 225). This widening is not just for bike/ped paths but for the road lanes themselves.

As recently as the December 11, 2014, Flat Rock village council meeting, Little River Road was on NCDOT’s priority list with a start date of 2025.

At the October 31, 2013, French Broad River MPO board meeting, the following roads were listed as recommended:

N. Highland Lake Road

October 31, 2013, is the first time we have found that this road appears in the MPO board minutes.

SPOT 1093 SR 1783 Highland Lake Road, NC 225 to US 176. Construct 24’ paved roadway with 4’ paved shoulders and 6’ grass shoulders.

  • Rural Avenue cross-section
  • Curb and gutter with multi-use path

Little River Road

SPOT 901, SR 1123 Little River Rd from SR 1127 (Kanuga Rd) to US 25 (Greenville Hwy). Resurface, widen, add bike lanes, Flat Rock.

  • Segment 1: NC 225 to Carl Sandburg Home, Rural Avenue cross-section, curb and gutter.
  • Segment 2: Carl Sandburg Home to Kanuga Road, Rural Avenue cross-section, curb and gutter with multi-use path (not bike lane or sidewalk desired)


Rutledge Drive

SPOT 867 SR 1166 Rutledge Dr from NC 225/SR 1890 (Brookdale Ave) to NC 225. Construct bicycle lanes and construct geometric improvements.

  • Segment 1: NC 225 to Erkwood (Southern). Rural Avenue cross-section, curb and gutter with multi-use path
  • Segment 2: Erkwood to NC 225 (Northern). Rural Road cross-section, bike lane and sidewalk.


We can see in the November 7, 2012, Henderson County Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) agenda, plans presented for the following:





These are just some of the lists that road projects in Flat Rock appear on. So how does a road make it onto a MPO or NCDOT list? We’ll be looking at that soon.

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