Inconsistency #6: Crash data (part 2)

What makes this project necessary? The traffic on the road seems fine now.

From the Flat Rock village council’s FAQ on the N. Highland Lake Road project, another piece of information given in answer to that question is: “Left turn movement accounted for 37% of the accidents, while another 22% involved vehicles running off the road or sideswipes.”

We’ve already seen that the 91 incidents reported in the FAQ fail to explain exactly where on N. Highland Lake Road those accidents occurred, which was primarily east of the railroad tracks with many at the intersection of Spartanburg Highway and N. Highland Lake Road.

Now we’ll take a look at the number of incidents caused by left turn movements.

The NCDOT data shows that there were a total of 34 incidents caused by left turns (37% of the total accidents, as mentioned in the village council FAQ) from 2011 to 2016.

Four of those incidents (or 4% of total incidents) occurred at the intersection of N. Highland Lake Road and Greenville Highway.  The rest of the incidents involving left turn movement (30, or 33% of total incidents) happened beginning at milepost 0.917, which is east of Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital toward Spartanburg Highway.

Twenty-two of those 30 occurred at milepost 1.078, near the intersection of N. Highland Lake Road and Spartanburg Highway, an intersection with a left turn lane, as well as left turn lanes into the Ingles and the CVS Pharmacy parking lots.

There are no recorded traffic incidents from 2011 to 2016 of a left turn accident on N. Highland Lake Road outside of the intersections with Greenville and Spartanburg Highways and the area around Ingles and the CVS Pharmacy.

There are no recorded traffic incidents involving cars turning left onto Highland Golf Drive, Highland Park Road, or Highland Lake Drive. Yet, the NCDOT plans show left turn lanes at each of those three locations.

So according to NCDOT’s data, the only places showing accidents from left turn movement are at locations where left turn lanes already exist.

As far as sideswipes go, all but one happened east of the railroad tracks, with most up near the Ingles and the CVS Pharmacy.


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  1. Great research and on the money. keep up the good work. This is about development and developers who want to make money turning our village into a town / city. More people more every thing we do not want or need,


  2. Absolutely right this is a development and developers push to over populate and push to make money on new opportunities to udbanize and destroy Flat rock as we know it. Fight it and resist it at all costs.


  3. The developers want to ruin our village with more development and over crowding to make $$$. Resist it at all costs.


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