Inconsistency #7: Where did all the trees go? (part 1)

What about the trees?

The Flat Rock village council FAQ on this question answers in part, “Almost all the trees that will be removed along the road are located along the park’s edge.”

As we learned at the April 13 special council meeting when NCDOT presented their modified plans, that answer is incorrect.

NCDOT will be cutting down many trees along the park edge, but they will be cutting down virtually all of the trees that protect Pinecrest Presbyterian Church from visual blight and traffic noise–all in order to install a sidewalk to nowhere.

Trees currently protecting Pinecrest Presbyterian Church from traffic noise will be cut down.

Previous village councils have recognized the importance of trees to Flat Rock’s character and sense of place. In 2013, the village passed its Tree Preservation Ordinance (ordinance no. 79) to officially acknowledge that importance.

Now the village council may support an unnecessary road project that will eliminate over 100 trees on one of the major gateways into the village.

One thought on “Inconsistency #7: Where did all the trees go? (part 1)

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  1. Noise has already increase due to traffic in Highland Park, Highland Lake Drive and Highland Lake Road. We need MORE trees!!!!



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