Early this morning. . .

Guest post by a Flat Rock resident with deep ties in the village, recently returned

While still in bed with my eyes closed early this morning, I found myself thinking about the N. Highland Lake Road project and what those folks said about making things more convenient.

Then I started thinking that “convenience” was never part of the appeal of Flat Rock.

Next I started thinking about – escaping the oppressive heat of the Low Country, up to the shaded forests filled with the lifelong lasting, refreshing fragrances of the tall hemlocks and white pines that towered over beautiful rhododendron and mountain laurel – all floating high over ground covers of galax and periwinkle and English ivy, . . . which enveloped hidden gravel lanes edged with stone gutters and beautiful mountain streams of the purest waters.

These are what I always thought about, when thinking of Flat Rock.

It was almost a magical feeling, just about being here, and when you spoke with others gathered here, you knew they felt the same.

Flat Rock always had the sense of community, but there was always a good amount of forest between one home and another, so visiting was always a bit of an adventure.

Flat Rock was never about convenience or neighborhoods. It was more about being in a private hidden mountain getaway. Except for a few items at Peace’s Gas and Grocery, getting supplies always meant leaving Flat Rock . . . to go to Hendersonville.

Many more thoughts along these lines came in, and just as I was starting to feel a little lost in it all, the thought of poetry and prose drifted by. How best to capture the unique appeal of Flat Rock . . . and how best to preserve it for the future.

Poetry is not what I am good at.

Then I thought, . . . what would Carl Sandburg describe as his attraction to Flat Rock? Once referred to as America’s Poet, winner of three Pulitzer prizes, accomplished author respected all across the United States.

How would he advise us now?

Then I thought – poetry and prose might be a good compliment to statistics, facts, and figures.

Seek out poems that say it beautifully? Seek out poets amongst us to write poems now? Ask for poetic contributions to help preserve the magic of Flat Rock? Have an occasional poetry reading at a community meeting on this issue?

Then it was time to get up.

2 thoughts on “Early this morning. . .

Add yours

  1. Great post. We moved to Flat Rock 6 years ago. For the reasons you outlined. NOT to change it!
    Things do change and a lot of subdivisions of land have eaten into the forest between the homes.
    But with it all FR has seemed to have maintained the slow pace of life that it has always had.
    Thankfully past Councils and Planning Boards have put the brakes on when needed. They are needed now.
    I hope the Council decides to Survey the citizens soon. We need to tell them what we want for our future. Apparently1600 petitions werent enough!


  2. WOW!! This was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I LOVE Flat Rock and I go to bed and awake each day thinking what will my community become if this project moves forward. Thank you for your inspiring thoughts. They encouraged me!


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