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“No to the Highland Lake Road project. A more comprehensive study is needed to see the total picture and effect of what DOT has in store for the Village of Flat Rock.” – comment from our online petition

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  1. A more comprehensive study is EXACTLY what is needed. The Village hasn’t had a legitimate survey of citizens opinions since 2004. Given the average age of residents at 63, most weren’t even collecting social security back then! Call for Council to commission an honest survey of citizens opinions on sidewalks, trails, paths greenways and interconnecting Flat Rock to HVL via these methods. It is long overdue. The results will be invaluable to future Councils and Planning Boards in making the decisions that affect us all.


  2. I hate to say it, but surveys are unreliable. People don’t want to be bothered, so results are often skewed.
    If you ask a question, the participant has to be reminded that any special venues will cost money, which means more taxation. Talk is cheap. Everything else costs money.
    The Greenways Committee had a survey in 2011 asking people what they wanted to see in the Park. There were many choices. Ironically a children’s playground came in way at the bottom–even below community gardens and dog park.I reminded committee members that there was already a playground at the East Flat Rock school (about 2 miles away) that was maintained by Henderson County. So, what did we get right off the bat? A CHILDREN’S PLAYGROUND! .


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