Modified road plans: The connection (part 3)

On April 13, NCDOT presented a modified plan of the N. Highland Lake Road project (U-5887) to the Flat Rock village council at a special council meeting, held in the new parish hall at St John in the Wilderness.

We’re looking at how that modified plan will affect the road, and here we concentrate on the proposed connection of the NCDOT multiuse path with The Park at Flat Rock’s Ed Lastein Trail at the westernmost area of the park.

With enhanced parking and a multiuse path over King Creek, anyone will be able to access the park any time of day or night. Park hours are dawn to dusk. While potential access by foot after hours is possible now, it is difficult for people to get in after hours since the parking lot is closed with a security gate and there are security cameras.

Providing an easy entry point 24/7 far away from those security measures is an invitation for trouble. The parking lot of Pinecrest Presbyterian Church could also become a location for visitors to park during events when the park’s parking lot may be full or just for convenience. This is an additional burden to put on property owners who would have already lost land to the project.

Keeping the park pretty

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