Flat Rock village council budget workshop for FY 2018/2019 and public hearing on proposed site-specific park master plan to be held Tuesday, May 29, at 10:30 in the Flat Rock village hall

From the people

"Unnecessary and a waste of money. Will cause hardship to Pinecrest Presbyterian Church." - comment from our online petition

From the people

"There are SO many needs for our tax dollar, why spend where not needed OR wanted?" - comment from our online petition

Hundreds of Henderson County residents are breathing easier after the Board of Commissioners voted Monday night to stop the Balfour Parkway, but questions remain about who exactly has the final say.

Next steps?

So what happens when a NCDOT road project is cancelled by a local governmental body, as just happened with the Balfour Parkway project? Our understanding is that several actions should then occur: The governing body requesting cancellation asks the French Broad River MPO Board to adopt a resolution withdrawing support from the project at a... Continue Reading →

The vets respond

Received via email from Dr. Ted Owen and Dr. Fred Rosen (boldface added): We stand with CLG:Flat Rock and the Pinecrest Presbyterian Church in opposing the DOT plan for Highland Lake Road. The proposed plan would have a major negative impact on the property, hospital operations and thus, the business of Western Carolina Regional Animal... Continue Reading →

From the people

"This takes private property for nonessential purposes and is a waste of our tax money! Let's put our tax money into projects that make sense and would help our communities. Rethink what you're doing!!!" - comment from our online petition

Council audio

Since the October NCDOT public workshop on the N. Highland Lake Road project, Flat Rock village council members have said in council meetings several times that if Pinecrest Presbyterian Church and Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital were not “satisfied" with NCDOT’s plans, then the council would not proceed with the road project. One such time... Continue Reading →

Henderson County Board of Commissioners have voted to try and stop the Balfour Parkway after hearing from dozens of community members at its Monday night meeting. Originally considering a resolution against impacting specific neighborhoods, the board shifted focus Monday night and voted to kill the project entirely.


Guest post by commenter at the April 13 special Flat Rock village council meeting on the N. Highland Lake Road project. Channelization is a term that usually refers to rivers. This happens when a river is altered to cause a greater volume of water to move downstream quicker (faster) to reduce flood damage to the... Continue Reading →

From the people

"This is an unnecessary project that will destroy the historic ambience of this entryway to Flat Rock if it is allowed." - comment from our online petition

Response to Lightning editorial

A personal response from one of our CLG members to the April 25 Hendersonville Lightning editorial: We are all entitled to our own opinions. We are not entitled to our own facts. Some facts on the N. Highland Lake Road project that perhaps the Lightning is unaware of are: NCDOT did not initiate this project, as... Continue Reading →

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