Council audio

Since the October NCDOT public workshop on the N. Highland Lake Road project, Flat Rock village council members have said in council meetings several times that if Pinecrest Presbyterian Church and Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital were not “satisfied” with NCDOT’s plans, then the council would not proceed with the road project. One such time was the January 29 council agenda meeting.

Here is the exact wording, and you can listen to the audio here, starting around the 43:10 minute mark:

Council Member Weedman: But to me, the church, Pinecrest Presbyterian Church, the impact that this would have on them is intolerable. And, in fact, just in casual conversation with some, not all, with some [editor: referring to other council members], if they [ed: NCDOT] can’t satisfy Pinecrest Presbyterian Church, to me it’s a dead issue. It gets killed. . . To me, if Dr. Rosen is not satisfied, that kills the project, but that’s me speaking.

Council Member Jamerson: I believe it’s the council speaking.

Council Member Brown: It’s the council speaking.

Council Member Jamerson: (crosstalk) Everyone agrees.

This was not an official council vote, but it is not the only time similar statements have been made by council members. Given the church’s continued opposition to the project with their concerns presented to the council officially on April 21 in a letter, we would expect council members to stand by their statements.

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