Flat Rock village council budget workshop for FY 2018/2019 and public hearing on proposed site-specific park master plan to be held Tuesday, May 29, at 10:30 in the Flat Rock village hall

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  1. I would urge everyone to attend this very important meeting and question expenditures of the Village—especially on the Park. If they are digging into reserves to fund Park venues instead of letting residents “adopt” them by writing a check, they are out of bounds. I thought that spending was to be up to the Park Commission to cover, not the Village.. Did you know that they have recently hired a full-time park administrator? Clearly spending is out of hand: The Park is wagging the Village.
    For a run-down of Park expenditures to date and a list of wants for 2018-19, go to http://www.thevillageofflatrock.;org and read about the plans.. It is very interesting—especially the costs for the proposed venues( “capital improvements”). The link is located on the home page, in the center (white section) under “park plan.” (small print)

    We all love the Park, but spending needs to be watched. Let them know at this meeting.

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