June 19 council motion text

Special Meeting — Tuesday, 10:00 A.M., June 19, 2018



That the council approve or endorse NCDOT STIP Project No. U-5887, N. Highland Lake Road (SR-1783), a road improvement project contemplated by revised plans prepared for NCDOT by Vaughn & Melton, consulting engineers, and presented to the council and the public at a special meeting held on April 13, 2018; and the June 12, 2018, report of Council Members Ginger Brown and Sheryl Jamerson’s May 9, 2018, meeting with Reece Shuler [sic] about the proposed project.

Such approval or endorsement is subject to the continuation of discussions between the council and NCDOT and a mutually acceptable resolution of each of the following issues:

  1. Route of the multi-use path through the Park at Flat Rock.
  2. Location of the entrance to the Park at Flat Rock.
  3. Location of the entrance to, and the rerouting of Highland Golf Drive.
  4. Style and appearance of the surface treatment of the culvert that carries King Creek, guardrails, crosswalks, and left turn lane features.

Such approval is further conditioned on:

(1) NCDOT’s continued discussions and coordination with the State Historic Preservation Office in the development of plans for the project, as well as compliance with all other pertinent requirements of the State Environmental Policy Act; and
(2) NCDOT’s obtaining the necessary permits from the Army Corps of Engineers and the North Carolina Division of Environmental Quality with respect to the replacement fo the culvert that carries King Creek.

And that such approval or endorsement be communicated to NCDOT with a request that the council, Historic Flat Rock, Inc., Pinecrest Presbyterian Church and other property owners that may be affected by the project be included in the formulation of final plans for the project.

One thought on “June 19 council motion text

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  1. Dear Committee members,

    I’m a 76-year-old retiree and I’ve been driving the road in question (Highland Lake Road) for 5+ years on a daily basis. I’ve never met more than a dozen cars traveling in either direction even at peak travel hours. In my opinion, the Flat Rock Council is merely trying to assuage a very few people who think the new configuration will save them travel time in their multi-task busy lives. What? 10 seconds? In addition, a travel path for bikers and joggers will, as most other existing ones do, get scant use and is merely an expensive and disruptive “status symbol” to make people feel this is a “hip” progressive community. It’s a prime example of the 21st century “in vogue” keeping up with the Jones mentality. Flat Rock doesn’t need the road changed one iota and we senior citizens making our daily round-trip journey to Ingles or CVS don’t need the protracted disruption if the project is instituted.


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