From the people

“1,700 votes against it, many meetings against it, proof of its unpopular decision, but still in the end THEY VOTED FOR IT. So sad.” – online comment

2 thoughts on “From the people

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  1. They obviously don’t care about what made Flat Rock famous for small town charm and are bent on destroying it and disappointing it’s homeowners…


  2. It’s pathetic at all levels of government once some, not all, insignificant people gain “control” of the reins of government they lord it over the “common folks.” The impression their process of decision making leaves is that we mere plebeians who pay taxes and contribute in our own way to the best interests of the community aren’t worthy of being heard in the process of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Furthermore we the people may not even being welcome in the Forum. My humble conclusion is our “Dear Leaders” are motivated by less than Democratic values. Sad, so sad!


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