From the people

“Widening the road and cutting the trees will destroy the charm of N. Highland Lake Road. Parking near the waterfall will bring litter both on land and in King Creek. Providing parking near that corner of park will have folks partying into the night.” – comment from our online petition

3 thoughts on “From the people

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  1. They moved away from big cities to escape the urban decay , then they came to our small town and want to create more urban decay…


  2. I agree with the previous comment 100%. The proposed inane “project” is simple the brainchild of a few self-appointed, self-important members of the community who believe they know what’s best for the rest of us peons. With those qualifications they should run for Congress.


  3. While these notes are helpful, they would be more so if they had the correct name of the road.

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