T-N: Hendersonville City Council to discuss southside road projects

Road projects will be discussed at Hendersonville City Council’s meeting Thursday, when city leaders will map out their options for the future. . .

The N.C. Department of Transportation is proposing to tie Kanuga Road, Hebron Road and White Street together with a roundabout. Another roundabout would be placed where Church Street, Main Street and King Street converge into Greenville Highway. In addition, a new road would be built between Walgreens, Wendy’s and Haus Heidelberg German restaurant, offering another connection from Greenville Highway to Spartanburg Highway.

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  1. Having lived in the British Isles for a while I was exposed to the dreaded “roundabouts”. The were like warts on the landscape. Large ones seem to function OK, but I traversed ones as small as 20 feet in diameter and they took some great reflexes especially with several vehicles entering and exiting t the same time. Also roundabouts there negated the “intersection”. Basically, they were just an extension of a straight road. 360 degree turns were not illegal as U-turns are here, so you had to be very careful and not assume another car was going 270 degrees and exiting (making a left turn in the intersection scenario). The trouble also exists that if you build it they will come. Just look at U.S. Rte-85 near Charlotte or Greenville, SC. They keep widening it, “improving it” and it just gets more and more congested.


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