“If you’re in a hurry, don’t come to Flat Rock.”

Letter from a village resident to a council member (posted with permission and with minor editing):

I’m sorry we are not on the same page about the N. Highland Lake Road Project. I hope you can understand how we who have loved Flat Rock for many years feel.

My grandparents and their two young daughters first came to Flat Rock from New Orleans in 1914. Our house off of Greenville Highway is the second house they owned here. Now they have 36 descendants, all of whom either spend time in Flat Rock in the summer or live here. We own three houses in the village. My father was active in the group that started Historic Flat Rock.

We all love Flat Rock the way it is, and we do not want to do anything to attract people who do not appreciate our village the way it is. We certainly don’t want anyone like the man who was honking at your husband when someone was turning left, to like it here. People like that would be happier in Palm Springs where they have lots of fast, wide roads with turn lanes.

My daughter and her husband (both college professors) bought a house in Palm Springs and thought they would retire there, but after her husband spent some time in Flat Rock, they sold the Palm Springs house and are planning to retire here.

No project connected with transportation should go forward until ALL STUDIES, including all types of transportation, have been completed. And this should be augmented by an up-to-date survey of all residents and homeowners of Flat Rock BEFORE anything is done.

Twenty years from now our descendants and new residents of Flat Rock will appreciate the fact that we saved the Flat Rock that we loved for them. My cousin, who lives in Highland Lake Village, says, “If you’re in a hurry, don’t come to Flat Rock.” AMEN!!!

2 thoughts on ““If you’re in a hurry, don’t come to Flat Rock.”

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  1. Has anyone besides me noticed those 2 large ugly “homes for sale” sighs on N. Highland Lake road? One is on the corner of N.Highland Lakes rd. and Highland Lake drive. The other is on the corner of N. Highland Lake road and Highland Park Road. Both are about 4 by 6 feet. When the unnecessary widening project is complete will we see a Starbucks located on North Highland Lakes Road along with several full sized billboards as well? It’ the price us peasants have to pay to make rich fat-cats richer I guess. By the way, have these eye-sores been “approved” by the same folks who gave the OK to the widening?:(


  2. Felt all along developers are behind this effort to ruin Flat Rock and take advantage of our new tax payer funded Flat Rock park in this area. Stop it ay all costs. Recall The council members who support it. They sold the majority of the village who do not want it out.


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