T-N: Church, group plan to fight road project

It’s been a very frustrating year for us,” said Tom Carpenter, the church’s clerk of session, who’s attended 26 various meetings regarding the project. “We’ve tried everything we could to explain our situation, to reason with them. But it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.”

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  1. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Looks like the Flat Rock Council minus 1 is living up that twisted morality!


    The village council members in favor of this plan lack candor in their stated reasons for this project. It seems clear that the reasons for this plan include: 1) new entrance into The Park, paid in part by State taxpayers 2) Crosswalk to the Park from housing located on Highland Park Dr 3) Connecting Carl Sandburg to the Park
    Safety is not an issue as per DOT, so that is just a red herring.

    Years ago a new entrance was apparently promised to some opponents of the Park, but is very expensive. It is largely unnecessary. This plan gets it on the cheap (while wasting state tax dollars). The crosswalk could be accomplished easily without the road project.
    That brings us to “interconnecting the Park with Sandburg”.
    And the Flat Rock Playhouse.
    This is what it is all about and why it must be stopped here and now.

    This is clearly the first step. Next will be the plan to do the same destruction down Greenville Hwy into the Village. The Master Plan (CLUP) of Flat Rock clearly shows this on page 16. Although few are aware of it. This document is linked on CLGflatrock.org and the Village website.

    Look it up, do NOT believe what I say, or the denials of the council that “there is no plan on the table”.

    Saint John in the Wilderness and many homes will be devastated and the soul of what Flat Rock has been for hundreds of years would be lost.

    To believe changing beautiful tree lined winding roads into curbed straightaways with 10′ wide swaths of blacktop is a good thing is just plain wrong. NEVER, in all this discussion, and I say discussion, because there was never a debate. NEVER did any council member explain why they want a foot path/ bike path interconnection of the Park with Sandburg…No survey of the taxpayers has asked if this is wanted.

    Greenways and walking paths are for cities and municipalities that want them. Not for rural villages that have miles of Sandburg trails and miles of Park trails and brick sidewalks throughout the entire Village Center.
    A sizable majority of voters in Flat Rock have signed the NO petition. What part of “NO” do these politicians not get?
    Clearly a new Citizen Survey is long overdue, and the CLUP, Master Plan needs some serious review.

    CLGflatrock.org will continue to oppose this terrible plan and will review and weigh in on any other major issues impacting Flat Rock. We need your help. Go to CLGflatrock.org
    Victor Behoriam, Flat Rock resident.


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