New graffiti on Middleton Road


This bridge on Middleton Road in Flat Rock was built several years ago by NCDOT, even though neighbors protested, not the need for a bridge but the design and size of the project. Their protests were ignored. This bridge has been tagged with graffiti for quite a while. Now new graffiti spray painted over the old graffiti has appeared.

This may be what Pinecrest Presbyterian Church will have to contend with if a retaining wall is erected in their parking lot. It may also be what we see over King Creek as any pathway across the creek will require a railing or wall at least 3-1/2-feet high.

4 thoughts on “New graffiti on Middleton Road

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  1. There are reminders almost daily about why this project is so ill-conceived and should not go forward. Yesterday’s Times-News front page story about the travail it has caused, and will only worsen, for the Presbyterian church. Now this. My hope is that the Times-News follows-up with a story about the project’s impact on the veterinarians. We must persist!


  2. These pics were taken early in July. Look at the pics from July 19th. There is no end. Wait until the new retaining wall at the Pres. Church goes up!


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