Protected or prohibited?: Continued

In what we consider an unconstitutional move, the Flat Rock village council has decided to enforce the village’s sign control ordinance vis-a-vis the Cultural Landscape Group:Flat Rock signs opposing the N. Highland Lake Road project.

What does this mean?

  • Starting tomorrow (Friday the 13th), the village administrator will remove any signs within 10 feet of the roadway (this is allowed as a safety issue). So please move your signs back more than 10 feet from the road.
  • Then, any property owner displaying a sign(s) will receive a letter from the village (sent certified mail, return receipt requested), notifying you that you are in violation of the village’s sign control ordinance.
  • Any property owner receiving that letter will then have 30 days to comply with the village’s order to remove the sign(s) before the village takes any action.

If you receive a letter from the village about your sign on your property, please send us a copy of your letter–this is IMPORTANT!!

In our view, the village’s actions are completely unconstitutional and a clear violation of our First Amendment right to free speech, based on numerous U.S. Supreme Court cases.

These signs are considered protected noncommercial speech and should be allowed to stand. However, if, once you receive a letter from the village, you are more comfortable removing your sign(s), we understand—just please leave your sign up until you get a letter, and then send us a copy of the letter you receive from the village.

To read more about the sign control ordinance and your First Amendment rights, go to:

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