There is a change of schedule for the Flat Rock village council's September meetings: the regular monthly council meeting has been moved to Tuesday, September 4, at 9:30 a.m. (from September 13). There will be no agenda meeting in September.

Possible solution to the dilemma of elected officials meeting privately, either amongst themselves or with private groups (and yes, we have seen this in Flat Rock) -- record *all* meetings and make the audio available to the public after the meeting. ". . .Leaders get around this requirement by having a few select members get... Continue Reading →

To the editor: In Flat Rock, Mayor Bob Staton’s piece titled “Issues complicate road projects” on July 31, he would have you believe the Greenville Highway/Highland Lake Road intersection is dangerous. It is not. I drive it twice a day. If the Flat Rock Village Council is concerned about large trucks and buses, wait a few... Continue Reading →

Issues complicate road project: A review

The editorial, Issues complicate road project, by Flat Rock Mayor Bob Staton appeared in the July 31, 2018, issue of the Hendersonville Times-News. CLG has taken a look at it and we offer our perspective below. (All links, including those in the mayor's editorial, have been added.) Two recent Times-News editorials (“Engineer a solution for path,”... Continue Reading →

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