Letter to the editor: Not dangerous

To the editor: In Flat Rock, Mayor Bob Staton’s piece titled “Issues complicate road projects” on July 31, he would have you believe the Greenville Highway/Highland Lake Road intersection is dangerous. It is not. I drive it twice a day.

If the Flat Rock Village Council is concerned about large trucks and buses, wait a few short months and the Erkwood/Shepherd/Greenville Highway roundabout will be there to handle that traffic. Problem solved. Leave Pinecrest Church and historic properties alone.

Lynne Kennedy, Flat Rock

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  1. Lynne, great post. You are 100% correct. We don’t need any improvement on any local Flat Rock roads. They are just fine the way they currently are. I have stated before in previous comments this entire “project” is being pushed by a few egomaniacs on a power trip. Stop this inane project that will improve absolutely nothing and in addition destroy the beauty of scenic N. Highland Lake Road. Stop it right now!


  2. Unfortunately, this is the proverbial camel getting his nose under the tent. This is NOT a sidewalk to nowhere.

    Rather it is a concrete and blacktop network from The Park to Sandburg. That means Greenville Highway along our scenic byway. Unless of course EMINENT DOMAIN taking of St John Church land and others is used.
    Or coercion using the THREAT OF EMINENT DOMAIN as was reportedly done by this council in the past.

    They need to be stopped here. The line in the sand is N Highland Lake Road. The implications for us all are much greater than many realize.



  3. Perhaps, just Perhaps we need to get the preservation groups involved and the historical groups to apply pressure the highland lake road project is just not called for but it is a way Flat Rock console to get the entrance to the park paid for Right


  4. So, yesterday I was witness to a “T Bone” car crash on Spartanburg Highway. The car that smashed head on into the drivers door of the other vehicle was going way too fast for the road conditions. Probably all of 50 M.P.H. (the speed limit is 35).
    I couldn’t help but think that Spartanburg is an example of what will happen to N. Highland Lake Rd…
    Widen it, straighten it and expect the cars to slow down…not gonna happen….


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