Graffiti continues


Still there.

2 thoughts on “Graffiti continues

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  1. All graffiti is a pathetic sign of someone looking for attention. It’s illegal and does nothing but create a blight on public space. Hopefully, the people who have no regard for laws and their environment are caught and suffer the penalties their antisocial acts deserve.


  2. The worst of this is that our Village government is impotent and doesn’t care enough to get this blight cleaned up. It’s apparently ok with them for us to live with this as long as they get their name posted on the new construction projects adding TAXES and VISUAL BLIGHT to our town.
    Playgrounds over budget, maintenance costs not addressed and the taking of private property by eminent domain to impose their personal vision on the entire town.
    The present Village Council (except Fiscal Conservative Mr. Weedman) should be remembered as the council who squandered Flat Rock’s history and budget and caused the tax increases sure to follow.

    And one more time: There IS a plan to impose miles of blacktop and concrete and road widening throughout all of Flat Rock. SEE PAGE 16 OF THE COMPREHENSIVE LAND USE PLAN!
    Linked right here to the right ———->>


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