Kanuga roundabouts remain in NCDOT plans for South Gateway

Although the Hendersonville City Council expressed a desire on Thursday to minimize roundabouts’ impact, three proposed traffic circles remain alive for Kanuga Road and the Main-Church-King streets intersection.

The roundabouts are part of the NCDOT’s recommended improvements to accommodate the projected traffic volume in the city’s South Gateway area through the year 2040. An NCDOT engineer presented the latest design for two roundabouts on Kanuga — one at White Street and a more compact one at Hebron Road — and one where Church, Main and King meet. The state transportation engineers have recommended moving Hebron north to align with White Street rather than the other alternative — moving White Street south to align with Hebron. Property owners on White Street and Kanuga strongly oppose the roundabouts and instead favor upgraded traffic signals and turn lanes. . . Continue reading

One thought on “Kanuga roundabouts remain in NCDOT plans for South Gateway

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  1. “Gateway”? More fancy 21st century psychobabble to make a simple strip of asphalt seem like the Gold paved, flashing colored light Disney Land entrance experience. Kanauga residents do not want this intrusion into their lives and the involuntary requisition of their lovely front lawns.. Traffic restrictions like roundabouts and bike/jogger lanes are like plaque in an artery. They slow flow, annoy drivers and confuse visitors..


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