Flat Rock and the county greenway master plan

There will be a public input session on the Henderson County greenway master plan this Thursday, October 25, from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Kaplan Auditorium (Hendersonville Main Library).

Pages 31 through 33 of the Henderson County greenway master plan outline greenway projects in the Village of Flat Rock. The master plan states:

The Village of Flat Rock has recently undertaken a feasibility study to construct a greenway to connect the Park at Flat Rock to the Carl Sandburg Home.

This feasibility study has just begun and is scheduled to be completed by July 2019. CLG has been told by village council members that part of the study is to consider whether or not this connection is something that village residents want. Unfortunately, by including this greenway in the county’s master plan, it seems as though that decision has already been made. Once again, we are told one thing but see another.

The other Flat Rock greenway shown in the master plan goes down Greenville Highway (NC 225), one of the state’s scenic byways, to Lake Summit and then on to the Green River Game Lands.

The county greenway master plan makes clear that in areas of the county, they will try to build any greenways on public land or in right-of-ways. Where they cannot do that, they will work with private landowners or if that is not possible, reconfigure the route. The yet-to-be-built county greenways shown in the master plan are not specific as to exact location.

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  1. I learned a lesson many years ago and the has jaded my outlook on the political system. Politicians don’t spend years and lots of money to be altruistic. It’s human nature, Alphas (formerly males) with inert control issues gravitate to the top of the political heap. So you can look forward to the “Greenway project” going ahead despite the wishes of the community because Alphas in political positions know better than the plebeians. It’s been that way since we humans began to walk on 2 feet.. Nothing new, you just have to use critical thinking and common sense.


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