T-N: Letter to the editor

Pulling a fast one

To the editor: The N.C. Department of Transportation has done it again, pulling a fast one on the city of Hendersonville and county of Henderson!

First, it has an outside firm redraw the roundabout at Kanuga, to propose a signalized intersection, deliberately drawn to show this plan would impact property owners more than the roundabout itself.

On Oct. 29, three DOT representatives said it’s absolutely not necessary for Kanuga to be widened in order to accommodate the roundabout nor to create a safer driving pathway.

Re: trees. At the recent Seventh Avenue project presentation, it was specifically noted by the designers that “trees will definitely be planted, as we know that trees increase the value of properties.” Remember that when approval is given for the destruction of more trees!

So now we are faced with this reality: A Taco Bell, a Family Dollar store, another brewery, a tattoo shop, a vape shop bringing more paved parking lots, traffic, congestion.

Why? Current owners would not be able to endure the loss of business while construction is ongoing and will not like the atmosphere of a widened, destroyed streetscape that is part of the history and charm of Kanuga.

Is this the legacy we want for Hendersonville?

Mary Schwendinger, Hendersonville

2 thoughts on “T-N: Letter to the editor

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  1. Great Letter, Ms. Schwendinger. Everything you wrote is absolutely true. Sometimes progress is detrimental to the community and you’ve outlined that scenario perfectly. More bureaucrat created ego-inflating nonsense that wastes tax dollars and impacts negatively on community life.


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