Graffiti still there

Still there. . .

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  1. The nice lady on Crail Farm Rd has been attempting to scrub it off to no avail.

    THIS is what we have to look forward to if THIS Village Council continues the boneheaded plan to “lure in” all the none residents – Councilman Weedman was the only one who noted the financial burden these road widenings and unlimited Park “improvement projects” would have on our taxes.
    Where will $$$ come from for maintaining sidewalks and multiuse paths once the SURPLUS is gone?
    Has an income source been identified?
    Why yes, it has! YOUR TAX BILL!


  2. Where we live in Virginia the Police Department documents graffiti before cleaning it up since it’s probably gang-related. I’d hate to think that gangs have arrived in Flat Rock or even Hendersonville……


  3. This needs to be sent to Pat Christie and all Village Council members with a reminder of how long it has been there and also that the Village needs to be taking care of its infrastructure.


  4. Our political “controllers” are too busy planing their next widening, roundabout, bike path destruction of a currently perfect Western North Carolina town to be worried about graffiti. And yes, it probably is gang related. I’ve heard from some reliable sources the MS-13 types have arrived.


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