Lightning editorial: What to watch in 2019

From the Hendersonville Lightning editorial page: “. . . Municipal elections in Henderson County are generally ho-hum affairs, especially when Hendersonville has no mayor’s race. With the already announced retirement of Flat Rock Mayor Bob Staton, the question becomes whether Historic Flat Rock and the activist organization Cultural Landscape Group Flat Rock field a candidate for that three Village Council seats. Historic Flat Rock and CLG organized strong and persistent opposition to the Highland Lake Road widening project. They could recruit candidates to run against Ginger Brown and John Dockendorf in their push for openness and neighborhood inclusion as the council looks at future road projects and greenways. There’s no point in targeting Nick Weedman, whose seat is also up and who is expected to run for mayor. Weedman was the only Village Council member to vote no on the Highland Lake project. If Weedman files for mayor, that will create an open seat in the village’s southern-most district, including Kenmure, Claremont and Kingwood. . . ” Continue reading

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  1. After the fiasco with the N. Highland Lake widening project, we must be thinking about candidates to run in the upcoming Village election. The current tax & spend council– that has never seen a road it doesn’t want to widen and junk up with flashing lights and excessive signage, bike paths and sidewalks— will continue with its special interest projects that the vast majority of us do not want to see in Flat Rock.. Let’s vote them out.


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