High bids force state to delay road projects

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From the Hendersonville Lightning: “Lonnie Watkins, the top NCDOT engineer for Henderson County, said construction bids are far exceeding the budgeted construction costs.

‘They’re 50 percent higher than what we estimated or even more because we flooded the market or we have only one bid and it’s 50 percent higher than our estimate,’ Watkins said. ‘For some of the small projects, some were coming in over 100 percent more than what we were used to seeing a year or two years ago.'”

Unfortunately, the N. Highland Lake Road project (U-5887) is not on the delay list.

3 thoughts on “High bids force state to delay road projects

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    1. Hi Beverly – we don’t know the answer to that. We can assume that because this project is relatively small for NCDOT ($2.7M as opposed to the over $10M for the Kanuga project that is being delayed) that the money may not be as much of an issue. But that is just an assumption.


  1. Leave N. Highland Lake road as it is. It’s perfectly fine. If you want to “bike or jog” there are plenty of good parks within 10 miles. Biking and jogging are for your physical health not for you to inflate your ego by trying to impress your neighbors on your $1,500 bike wearing a $500 spandex outfit.


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