Times-News letter to the editor: NCDOT projects

A letter to the editor from today’s Times-News:
To the editor: How can degreed NCDOT engineers (who should be logical and methodical) face an underfunding situation and not revise their divided four-lane Highway 191 design? Without a connection to Balfour Parkway, the eastern end of the five-mile project reduces to two at Mountain Road. The future design width of 95.5 feet provides overcapacity. The newest traffic forecast for 2040 is within the current highway’s stated capacity!

The 100-foot easement owned by the state is adequate for improvements needed in this corridor except at major intersections. The N.C. 191 widening project is funded at $48.5 million, including acquisition of private property at $4.5 million. (What will the increased cost actually be?)

NCDOT doesn’t want to alter its plans started when it planned to connect to Balfour. The Henderson County Commission and Technical Advisory Committee should request the design to stay within the existing easement if possible. Anyone thinking logically and methodically would spend money on redesign and save on land acquisition. Don’t leave these decisions to the bruised egos of the NCDOT.

John DeGelleke, secretary, Triple Creek Property Owners Association

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