Times-News letter to the editor: Foisted upon us

A letter to the editor in today’s Times-News:

To the editor: I was actually happy to see the article “County road projects delayed.” I hope they never get done. Forget about roundabouts, bike paths, greenways and “corridors.” They are unneeded European notions foisted upon us, mucking up our local charm and interfering with the upkeep of our national enterprise.

Instead of connected greenways and bike paths, let’s make sure our roads are drivable for our cars. Cars take us to work in the winter, get us to the store when it’s raining and transport our families to beautiful parks where we can then ride bikes, hike or take a walk.

Howard Gap was widened with a “bike path” on the sides. But it’s still just two lanes! How does that help anything? Highway 25 is full of cracks and ruts, and the road striping is faint — dangerous when driving at night or in the rain.

Interstate 26 widening should have been completed 10 years ago for commuters and tractor-trailers. Tractor-trailers, by the way, bring us our “not locally grown” foods like chocolate and coffee, olive oil and oranges. They bring us our gasoline and needed manufactured goods from all over.

Let’s get back to benefiting the forgotten American.

Janice Parker, Hendersonville

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  1. “Forgotten America?” What about those without cars? Those are the forgotten Americans. . The population is growing and transportation solutions need to be well thought out and include everyone. They are not solved by non-stop complaining. Alternatives such as greenways and sidewalks are part of the solution. They do so by:
    making communities better places to live by preserving and creating open spaces;

    encouraging physical fitness and healthy lifestyles;

    creating new opportunities for outdoor recreation and non-motorized transportation;

    strengthening local economies;

    protecting the environment; and

    preserving culturally and historically valuable areas.

    I’m sorry you feel forgotten. But please take a brief moment to think of others.


    1. Dear KNKYLE:

      In Flat Rock I believe that 99% of the residents have 2 cars.

      Unfortunately, statistics are bandied about callously. Causes well-meaning people, such as I assume you are, to believe things that just aren’t so.


  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Ms Parker of Hendersonville. Supporters of these road projects seem to be folks whose vision of the future is more Epcot Center than WNC. They must be sidetracked at every turn. Thank you CLG for keeping the public informed.
    NOTE: Letters to the editor and comments to articles in the Lightning, etc are very important, please make your positions known.


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