Roundabout project

We have added information on the Erkwood Dr/Shepherd St/Greenville Hwy roundabout project (NCDOT U-5105) online. While this project is not inside the Village of Flat Rock limits, its proximity to the village and its effect on Greenville Highway traffic have significant ramifications for our community.

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  1. LOVELY: If a turning lane and a stop sign will do, a gigantic traffic pretzel will do better.
    Your tax dollars at work.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY: Your elected representatives in Flat Rock were ok with this…yes I know it is outside the village, but they surely could have weighed in, IF they objected to it…

    You think maybe the Village of Flat Rock Council will want to connect this TRAFFIC KNOT to the North Highland Lake Rd MULTIUSE SWATH OF BLACKTOP???

    So much for Greenville Highway and The Pinecrest Presbyterian Church front yard…and the Staton Woods entrance… These Council members will be remembered forever their breach of public trust.

    Dump them.before they “Balfour Flat Rock”


  2. Amen. Do you think the NCDOT will re-vegetate that area? Yes, just like they said they would plant trees along the Upward corridor when it was widened. Hang on —N. Highland Lake will suffer in the same way.
    They ALL must be replaced, and the sooner the better.

    Theodore Etherington


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