NCDOT 25% plan

NCDOT has completed what they term a 25% plan for the N. Highland Lake Road project (U-5887). They anticipate having a 75% plan available this May, and a 90% plan available in May 2020.

2 thoughts on “NCDOT 25% plan

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  1. All I know is that if it were me, having my land taken for THIS. A Non-Essential, VANITY PROJECT.
    One that Councilmen want so they can have a bike path named in their honor, I would have minimum 2 lawyers, one from Raleigh and one from NY or DC to throw every suit at them they could think of.

    The enemy is the PRESENT COUNCIL, not the DOT.
    The DOT is like a HAMMER. To them, everything looks like a nail.

    The Council is who took the tool out of the box! And we will NOT forget that!


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