Laurel Wood residents worried about roundabout project taking mature trees

Maybe residents county-wide, having seen the devastation at the Erkwood Drive/Shepherd Street roundabout with the cutting down of a large number of trees, are starting to realize the cultural landscape implications of clear-cutting for roundabouts and don’t want their neighborhoods to look as barren as Greenville Highway does now (see photo above).

From the Hendersonville Lightning: “Leaders of the Laurel Wood Condo Association asked Hendersonville City Council members on Thursday to intervene with the NCDOT to reduce the number of trees that would be removed as part of the U.S. 64 improvement and roundabout project from Blythe Street through Laurel Park.

The condo leaders showed pictures of old-growth trees and hemlocks that provide a noise and sight buffer from the road, City Manager John Connet said. . .” Continue reading

Tree stumps along Shepherd St. from roundabout construction (Feb 5, 2019)


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  1. Everyone should be concerned about what is going on at the corner of Erkwood and the Greenville Highway. God help us if the DOT does that to Highway 64 and Blythe. The round-about mania has to be recommended by those who have never lived in the UK where this idea got started. The DOT needs to back up a bit … hire consultants who have traveled and been there rather than college students working on a Masters thesis. It is time to say; ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Ken Jones

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  2. We don’t need or deserve the devastation caused by the “improvements”. It’s pathetic the way the beautiful countryside is being destroyed in the name of so-called progress……SAD!



    Some of these awful projects will be built and will stand as monuments to the elected officials that did nothing to sustain our village.

    We don’t have village representatives that listen to the people.
    Rather, they listen to the TWANG OF OPM.

    For the uninitiated, that’s “Other Peoples Money”.
    Since the beginning of primitive tribal politics, it has serenaded and corrupted Poobahs of every stripe.

    Let us remember that EVERY MEMBER of the present Council voted for the No Highland Lake Rd debacle that is coming soon, with the exception of Vice Mayor, Mr. Nick Weedman.

    They did little or nothing to stop or influence the Roundabout, Kanuga Rd Widening fiasco or support the Flat Rock Citizens living next to the defeated Drug Treatment Facility.

    They favor cutting down trees to put in blacktop “greenways’. I prefer the trees.


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