T-N letter to the editor: Traffic circle

From today’s Times-News letters to the editor:

Traffic circle

I regularly drive past the construction site where Greenville Highway intersects with Erkwood Drive and Shepherd Street. Casual observation tells us that businesses are being disrupted, homeowners are being stripped of their privacy, enough land is being denuded to reforest the Great Plains, and enough money is being spent to build the much-needed wall between the U.S. and Canada.

When the project is finally completed sometime later this century, we will be the heirs of a traffic circle that the “old things” who live around here will have no idea how to drive on. The carnage will rival Stalin’s reign of terror. I’m investing in a paint-and-body shop and a mortuary.

Granted, we had an intersection that was challenging, and some changes would have been helpful. I’m no traffic engineer, but did anyone ever consider installing two coordinated stop lights at the adjacent intersections? Might that have been quicker, easier, cheaper and, when completed, far less confusing?

Michael Beckerman, Flat Rock

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