T-N letter to the editor: New roadwork

From the Times-News:

New roadwork

To the editor: Kudos to Michael Beckerman and his great letter to the editor correctly depicting the nightmare that the construction of the roundabout is. It seems that everyone is shaking his or her head with great annoyance at the ridiculous amount of construction work being done.

Certainly, it is a waste of money and harms homeowners and local businesses. The council members and the DOT, in my opinion, have some explaining as to why this was the best solution. Timed stop lights would have worked without the disruption and solved the problem.

In my book, the DOT does not appear to be able to analyze a problem and find a logical solution. The department has created controversy far too often.

Any new roadwork should be looked at again by the town and county officials before they start to ascertain the need and its impact.

Cathy Shields, Flat Rock

One thought on “T-N letter to the editor: New roadwork

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  1. With all due respect to the writer, to say that “everyone is shaking his or her head” is as much of an exaggeration as Michael Beckerman’s hair-on-fire letter. And the amount of construction going on is no more ridiculous than the idea that timed stop lights would have worked at this jumbled intersection. I have my criticisms of NCDOT too, but this spot is a perfect place for a roundabout. Improvement in anything requires changing what is. My bet is that after the few impacted residents have resettled and the small number of businesses involved have recovered, the day will soon dawn when many people (I won’t say everyone) will ask, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”


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