Flat Rock and NCDOT SPOT 6.0

Remember this from the Flat Rock village council FAQ on the N. Highland Lake Road project?

Question: Is this [the N. Highland Lake Road project] the beginning of NCDOT’s plans to widen other roads in Flat Rock such as Greenville Highway and Little River Road?

Response from the Flat Rock village council: No. Any rumors of widening other roads in Flat Rock are simply not true. There are NO PLANS within a 10-year horizon to widen Little River Road, Rutledge Drive or Greenville Highway. Ten years is the longest time in the future that NCDOT considers new plans.

In light of that, let’s take a look at the NCDOT SPOT 6.0 list of potential highway projects for Henderson County (this is the next set of possible road projects).

From this list of 25 potential projects, the Henderson County Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) will select 7 road projects to move forward at the July 17 TAC meeting. UPDATE: The TAC will prioritize these projects at their August 21 meeting. (The Flat Rock village council has a council member as a representative on these two committees.)

Inclusion on this list does not mean that all 7 projects in Henderson County will be approved or funded, but it does mean that any selected projects will begin the process of evaluation as to whether or not they should be approved.

Of the 25 listed potential highway projects, 3 are close to the Flat Rock village boundaries and will affect traffic in the village, and 3 are in the village itself. Since these projects are just at the beginning of the process, there are no detailed plans as to exactly what they might include, but there are indications if you know the definitions of certain words NCDOT is fond of:

  • Modernization: generally the widening of the roadbed and dampening of curves
  • Intersection improvements: generally evaluation of the need for adding turn lanes and widening intersection areas/installing roundabouts
  • Access management: generally the widening of the roadbed at certain points to add turn lanes at selected cross-streets

Projects inside Flat Rock village limits:

  • C18: Greenville Highway from West Blue Ridge (The Wrinkled Egg) to Little River Road – modernization
  • C29: Erkwood Drive from Kanuga Road to Greenville Highway – intersection improvements, modernization
  • C35: West Blue Ridge from Greenville Highway (The Wrinkled Egg) to Roper Road – modernization

So all three projects involve widening the roadbed and dampening curves as well as additional construction. The village council representative informed the TAC that the council probably did not want to pursue C18 (Greenville Highway modernization in the middle of the village) at this time. No public comment was made at the TAC meeting or the MPO meeting held in May on the other potential village projects.

Projects outside (but nearby) Flat Rock village limits:

  • C17: Greenville Highway (NC 225) from Spartanburg Highway (near Fresh Market) south to the Erkwood Drive roundabout – modernization, access management
  • C20: Shepherd Street/Airport Road from Greenville Highway to Tracey Grove Road – intersection improvements, modernization
  • C27: State Street from Hebron Road to Kanuga Road – intersection improvements, modernization

So as far as the village council’s FAQ response, it was incorrect at the time and continues to be incorrect: NCDOT does have possible plans to widen other roads in Flat Rock. It is up the the village council to let NCDOT know whether or not the council wants these projects to move forward in the SPOT 6.0 process.

4 thoughts on “Flat Rock and NCDOT SPOT 6.0

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  1. What can CLG do to make this more public and hold the Village council to account? Aren’t some seats up for re-election soon? The only thing worse than a bad decision made on the basis of honest intentions is dishonesty that goes unchecked.


  2. What can CLG do to publicize this duplicity and hold the Village Council members to account? Aren’t there some seats up for re-election soon? The only thing worse than a bad decision made with good intentions is dishonesty left unchecked.


  3. The only way to combat these trends is to replace the representatives on the Village Council. We need to find people who can counter the influences of the current transportation representative (John Dockendorf) who is pushing these projects all over the county in the name of “progress” and “modernization” for the future—the result of which is chaos. I challenge those of you who commented here to consider running. We have to change the tenor of the Village Council.


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