TAC looking for input on possible road projects

The Henderson County Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) has created an online survey to gather public input on potential SPOT 6.0 road projects in Henderson County.

From this list, the TAC will select seven projects at their August 21 meeting, and then those selected projects will be scored by NCDOT. This does not mean that the seven projects selected will be funded, but it does mean that they will move on in the NCDOT process.

The SPOT 6.0 list initially included a project on Greenville Highway (NC 225) from West Blue Ridge to Little River Road. The village council representative to the TAC let them know that the village council did not want to pursue that project at this time, so it has already been removed from the SPOT 6.0 list.

Two projects inside the Flat Rock village limits still remain as possibilities:

  • C29: Erkwood Drive from Kanuga Road to Greenville Highway – intersection improvements, modernization
  • C35: West Blue Ridge from Greenville Highway (The Wrinkled Egg) to Roper Road – modernization

These projects involve widening the roadbed and dampening curves as well as additional construction. Given the state’s Complete Streets policy, this “modernization” could also include sidewalks.

The TAC survey asks that you rank the listed projects from most to least important, so take a look.

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  1. Who dreamed up the term “dampening the curves”? I’d call it destroying our lovely roads.

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