T-N letter to the editor: Project priority

From today’s Times-News letters to the editor:

Project priority

Government agencies say they want the public to help decide what projects should be done. They’re trying everything, but timing is the obstacle. When project priority is studied, the definition of a project is very general, with words like “modernize roadway,” “upgrade intersections” or “improve geometrics.”

Projects being prioritized at the Metropolitan Planning Organization allow for only seven choices from Henderson County. These compete with other counties in the region, and the “ranking process” is a mathematical, data-driven calculation that’s supposed to reduce political influence.

In the survey, project choices are described as intersection improvements, modernization, access management, widening and new location. No further detail is given beyond a road segment. But they want us to say what we want and not change our mind.

Cooking shows are popular. Imagine that I was offered a recipe card titled “Good Food.” No ingredients are listed, but I was asked if I want that for dinner. The NCDOT cooks in secret and I find out everything has cilantro! Don’t expect me to be happy because I said, “I like Good Food.”

The planning process needs public input that’s welcome after NCDOT’s details are known. Today, input at that stage is an annoyance.

John DeGelleke, secretary, Triple Creek Property Owners Association

2 thoughts on “T-N letter to the editor: Project priority

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  1. Spot on. Bravo. Excellent letter. It illustrates the fact that the NCDOT in conjunction with the local political cabals are very adept at putting on “dog & pony” shows to ram through their self-serving agendas.


  2. An excellent letter pointing out the fallacy of what the planning organizations/committees/councils/boards have done and continue to do.


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