T-N letter to the editor: Not transparent or responsive

From today’s Times-News letters to the editor:

Not transparent or responsive

To the editor: I, and others, have made more than a dozen requests to the NCDOT for specific information regarding U.S. 74 and in particular NC-191, both the school safety project and expansion of 191 to four lanes. Many of these requests were sent to the NCDOT’s District 14 manager, Brian Burch.

In a couple of cases Mr. Burch emailed me stating that he had passed the request on to another NCDOT employee. But there has not been any follow up on his part to assure that the requests have been fulfilled.

So far, over six months, I have not gotten any information that I have requested. To me this NCDOT arrogance is unacceptable. I’ve read that many other N.C. residents have experienced the same situation.

NCDOT needs to understand that they work for us and not us for them. It is time that transparency within NCDOT and response to requests be increased and NCDOT and all its employees held accountable.

There is no excuse for such bad behavior and those committing it should be fired regardless of their position, performance reviews. Managers are leaders and should lead and set a proper example.

Phil Rasmussen, Hendersonville


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