Hendersonville Lightning: Speak now, before elected leaders choose road priorities

From this week’s Hendersonville Lightning:

Speak now, elected leaders and transportation planners say, before the bulldozer is growling at your door.

The trend recently is that homeowners have risen up across the county to oppose road improvements, even though the projects have been in the works for years. Crowds have jeered the Highland Lake and Kanuga road widenings, roundabouts in Laurel Park, the N.C. 191 widening and the now-dead Balfour Parkway.

The towns of Hendersonville, Mills River, Flat Rock, Laurel Park and Fletcher and the Henderson County Board of Commissioners are all being asked to rank their top road and greenway priorities in the coming weeks.

The county Transportation Advisory Committee is expected to send the overall rankings for the county to the French Broad Metropolitan Planning Organization — which guides state and federal road spending for the region — during its August meeting. That is just the beginning of a lengthy process that involves several stages of ranking. . .

One thought on “Hendersonville Lightning: Speak now, before elected leaders choose road priorities

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  1. WOW I never thought I’d say it but after seeing the Western NC countryside decimated over the past decade I’m delighted I’m just a couple of years shy of becoming an Octogenarian.


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