T-N letter to the editor: Traffic circle

From today’s Times-News letters to the editor:

Traffic circle

The Greenville Highway-Shepherd Street-Erkwood Road intersection will be closed for three months to complete the unneeded, unwanted traffic circle. Unneeded because road realignment with proper signaling would have been less expensive and more effective, unwanted because of the destruction to a scenic road.

Traffic will detour onto Rutledge Road at St. John’s Church, working its way back to Erkwood. Rutledge is a narrow road with a one-lane bridge that folks drive over like they are on the interstate. The speed limit is 35 mph, routinely ignored; as narrow as it is, 25 would be a better limit.

Run your car up to 70 and drive into a wall to see what two cars will look like in a 35-mph head-on. The road is narrow enough that modern pickups will clank side mirrors as they pass each other unless they move to the edges, which have drainage ditches within a foot.

During this detour, all trucks more than four wheels should be kept off the road, and it should be monitored by the Sheriff’s Office for speed violations. If not, we will be reading about some pretty spectacular wrecks in the Times-News.

Clint Wilde, Hendersonville

5 thoughts on “T-N letter to the editor: Traffic circle

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  1. Clint should have focused more on law enforcement and less on treacherous road conditions.

    When it comes time to widen Rutledge those in favor will dig out that letter and wave it around.

     7/21/2019 10:42 AM, CLG:Fl


  2. I live directly off of Rutledge Road and even before Greenville Highway was closed I’ve had problems with vehicles traveling 50 mph on the narrow curved portion. Since the closing it’s really dangerous. Yes I agree with the letter writer the “roundabout” is totally unnecessary, except in the minds of those who see this form of traffic control as European urbane chic. I’m thinking of leasing a Helicopter for the next 3 moths to go to the supermarket, post office, doctor and Library. No I don’t know how to operate a Helicopter but i figure it’ll still be safer than exposing myself to the Rutledge speedway.


  3. A lot of NIMBY. What does it take to make the world s better place? P.S. There is NO traffic management tool more effective and efficient than a roundabout. Period. Get out more, folks!


  4. I agree fully with that statement. I believe it is a designated “scenic byway”, but will have to check to be sure.


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