The stakes are high

Last month after surveying, NCDOT starting marking property along N. Highland Lake Road with stakes. These stakes represent several different boundaries, including:

  • DUE (drainage and utility easement)
  • PDE (permanent drainage easement)
  • PUE (permanent utility easement)
  • ROW (right of way)
  • TCE (temporary construction easement)
  • TDE (temporary drainage easement)

Not all of the stakes mark property that will be taken from the park and other private property owners, but they do show permanent easements and new right-of-way boundaries.

The temporary construction easement is used so that NCDOT can keep large construction equipment and vehicles on site without having them in the work area. While these easements go away once the project is finished, in order to accommodate large machinery during the project, landscaping (including trees) will be negatively affected.


6 thoughts on “The stakes are high

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  1. A logical explanation of the Genesis of the upcoming absolutely unnecessary destruction of nature’s creation: A small group, strategically placed in government, believing they know what’s best for the peasantry is all it takes. Sadly, this is just one small example of what’s happening all over the country.

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  2. Will the CLG kindly educate us about what options a majority of the Flat Rock Village Council would have after the election to derail this disruptive and wasteful project?


    1. According to what we have heard from NCDOT, the Flat Rock village council is still in the window to be able to cancel this project. If it’s determined that there are spot areas of concern on the road that need to be addressed, the state has block grants of up to $250,000 each that the village could apply for.


  3. ok so 1700 plus residents voted against it but it still passed geez I wonder why there so many seats for flat rock village this years


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