A CLG update updated!

See Update below.

Part of the CLG mission is to educate and inform the village community about transportation issues and projects. To further that mission, CLG has distributed to the community informational mailers with an update on the N. Highland Lake Road project as well as the NCDOT SPOT 6.0 prioritization process. Our information comes from NCDOT material as well as email correspondence with NCDOT engineers and village council members.

Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

Current road “widenings” from NCDOT SPOT 6.0 list for consideration:
  • W. Blue Ridge (from Greenville Highway to Roper Road)
  • Erkwood (from Kanuga Road to Greenville Highway)
Update on the N. Highland Lake Road project:
  • NCDOT has staked out the project and begun the acquisition of private land. We are starting to see the negative effect this project will have on our scenic gateway into Historic Flat Rock and on The Park at Flat Rock.
  • Sections of the Ed Lastein Trail will be reconfigured to add an asphalt parallel multi-use path through The Park.
  • NCDOT’s current 75% road project plan eliminates the stone entry and large oak tree at The Park entrance. (from NCDOT email, July 3, 2019)
  • Crosswalk added at Highland Park Road—possible flashing pedestrian-traffic lights? How will that affect traffic flow? (from NCDOT email, Feb 21, 2019)
Cost to Flat Rock taxpayers:
  • Final cost to the Village to build the mile long, 5’ to 10’ wide blacktop path and concrete sidewalks – unknown
  • Annual cost to maintain over a mile of concrete and blacktop – unknown
  • Final amount the Village must reimburse NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund for land taken out of park use – unknown

UPDATE: At last week’s monthly village council meeting, costs for NCDOT work in the park were discussed. The estimated cost to the village for sidewalks/greenways is approximately $34,000 (that represents the village’s required contribution of 20% of the total cost), although there was discussion that depending on the surface used–concrete or asphalt–that cost figure might be adjusted.

As far as renumeration from NCDOT to the village to offset impact on the park, right now that is approximately $50,000, although that is not a final figure. There are no final numbers at this time related to what the village can expect to receive from NCDOT or what the village will be required to reimburse the N.C. Parks and Recreation Trust Fund. We will update our information once we know final figures.


4 thoughts on “A CLG update updated!

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  1. Does the present council have even a clue what they signed on for?

    That’s a rhetorical question. It is clear that they do not.

    They need to go.


    1. Hi Anonymous – the most recent NCDOT plans for the N. Highland Lake Road project are what NCDOT calls 75% plans and they were released in June – you can view them here – https://hcscl.files.wordpress.com/2019/06/u-5887_roadway-planset-05-30-19.pdf

      On page 15 of these plans, you will see a curb cut that shows the location of the new entrance to the park. The current project just includes NCDOT doing a curb cut, but no additional construction. Anything more than shown here would need to be paid by the village since it isn’t part of the road project.


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