T-N: Road work, sign ordinance prompt Carpenter’s run for Flat Rock council

. . . As the church’s main liaison to the community, [Tom] Carpenter has been an outspoken about the N.C. Department of Transportation’s plan to improve North Highland Lake Road. Carpenter is against the taking of private property against the wishes of legal owners that is neither needed nor wanted, saying it is morally wrong and an abuse of government power.

“I believe that straightening the curves on this road will lead to increased traffic speed, resulting in less, not more, safety for travelers,” he said. “This project will also take away the natural beauty of one of the main entries into our Village, lessening our enjoyment of traveling down this road to reach our homes. . .

2 thoughts on “T-N: Road work, sign ordinance prompt Carpenter’s run for Flat Rock council

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  1. Improve North Highland Lake Road? In who’s world does anyone really believe it’s beneficial to Nature by expanding a perfectly good road by widening it and destroying the flora and fauna? Oh yea, the same wise people who conceived the never ending road improvement in North Greenville, SC where traffic is usually at a standstill 6 hours a day. The old precept: “If you build it they will come” doesn’t always ensure paradise.


  2. Tom Carpenter has been tirelessly opposing the taking of private land for non essential use. He appears to be right on all the issues facing Flat Rock today. He has my vote.


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