T-N letter to the editor: The Ecusta trail

The Ecusta Trail

To the editor: While driving to Brevard one day this summer, I noticed two men on road bikes riding on Highway 64 toward Hendersonville. They were biking up a hill in heavy traffic on both sides, struggling to stay on the very edge of the highway, changing gears, and literally trying to keep from getting killed.

As I watched them struggle, I looked to my left, and there it was — the railroad track, the potential Ecusta Trail, shining in the sun, straight as an arrow, clear and clean, and empty.

How long is it going to take our area to make the Ecusta Trail a reality, to do the right thing for the environment, for our health, for tourism and our economy, and for an opportunity to realize the real beauty of that part of Henderson and Transylvania Counties?

I sincerely hope the Ecusta Trail is right around the corner.

Cindy Walker, Hendersonville

2 thoughts on “T-N letter to the editor: The Ecusta trail

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  1. I dont know if the “ecusta trail” is a reality or not but the fact that 2 dumb cyclists are foolish enough to put themselves in harm’s way isnt the proper catalyst for spending a bunch of public funds…

    …go ride those bikes somewhere else


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